Instant Capture System

We are a photogrammetry studio that offers the most cutting edge technologies to deliver the highest quality 3D assets for Fashion Brands, E-commerce, Feature Films, VR Productions, Video Games, TV, Commercials and more.

Our state of the art system features over 100 DSLR cameras to capture photorealistic models.

Time Capsule 3D’s limited edition King of the Jungle statuette and hologram of your baby.

King of the jungle

Limited-edition Simba Pose statuette and hologram of your baby

3D statuette of a newly married couple placed on a wedding cake.

Amaze Your Partner

Capture the happiest moment of your relationship

3D Statuette of a family wearing Toronto Maple Leaf Jerseys

Bring the whole family

It’s time to modernize your family portrait in 3D

Full body Photogrammetry system specs

Over 100 Canon DSLRs
HiSpeed 1/2000 Strobe
Scan Volume (h) 2m x 1.3m x 1.3m
Geometry Resolusion 2mm
Texture Resolution 2mm
Max Texture Size 16k

Equipment and technology that captures images in 3D

Pet Allowed Hereafter

Bring your fur-baby anywhere you want

Graduate in style

Immortalize your success and share it with your family


Family portraits with the next generation

Think out of the box

Doesn’t your team deserve this unique experience?

Process Explanation

How We Make it Happen

1. Book session

Book your session online

2. Come to our Technology Studio

Remember, we immortalize this moment in 3D and AR technology so be prepared with your best smile. (We take instant photos so you can be in and out within 20 minutes.)

3. Choose your favorite

Decide on your digital clone, we’ll give you 3 to choose from. We know its a hard decision, our expert team will help guide you.

4. 3D Transformation

Now its our turn to process our pioneer technology to transform your desired moment to a frozen one. It takes about a week to create your Augmented Reality Hologram and 2-3 weeks to print 3D statuettes.

5. Pick up

You can pick up your statuette at our studio.
Augmented Reality Holograms will be shared electronically.

Price Calculation

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