Think Out of The Box – Go for Corporate 3D Photography Toronto


Are you looking for a special prize to announce a sales record or declare the winner?
Do you want to honor your employees with a unique gift?
Just thinking out of the box?


As a Toronto Corporate photographer, we are proud that our pioneer and peerless technology would be the perfect solution for your need. We are offering to take your “Team” perception of another dimension with our corporate 3D Photography Toronto, Markham, Ontario. We will capture and preserve moments of your employees in Digital Hologram and 3D Printed Statuette.

Our solution is innovative, fun and fast. Our enhanced technology enables us to scan hundreds of people in a few hours. We will instantly capture your employees from all different viewpoints and create a three-dimensional digital file. We also 3D print your best keepsake as a lifelike 3D statuette!

Be the first in your industry and amaze your employees by this exclusive experience..

It is the first time in the world, just after science-fiction movies.