Pass your legacy in 3D with Grandparents 3D Photography in Toronto

Legacy is the essence of all that has been handed down to you from previous generations. In addition, it is the bridge between generations. It is important for the future generations to know how their great grandparents looked like and what were their physical traits.

We are here to help you to pass on your legacy to future generations in Digital Hologram and 3D Printed Statuette using our Grandparents 3D Photography in Toronto, Markham, Ontario

2D photos and videos are nice but traditional and lack to give feeling of personal touch. Moreover, the future generations are going to be tech advanced and they will love these holograms and statuettes. They would be able to see where they got their look and traits from

Moreover, the hologram can be shared easily throughout the world through smart device. The statuettes are easy to store and can be preserved easily.

With each generation passing by, the collection of these statuettes and holograms will gain in value to you family. It is about telling your heirs who you are and where do they come from. It’s not just your legacy, it is their history

Keep your legacy alive by passing it along in 3D. Choose Grandparents 3D Photography in Toronto, Markham, Ontario from Time Capsule.