• Frequently Asked Questions


What should I wear?

Bright colors, patterns and textures work the best
Please avoid:
Highly reflective colors, glasses with subtle frames (the thicker and darker the frames, the better).
Avoid Long thin objects like swords, golf clubs, and canes because they typically break in the printing or shipping process. But if you hold them close to your body, we can capture the image.

How long does it take for 3D Printed Statuette to be created?

Although it may look simple, creating your 3D Printed Statuette is a very elaborate process! Our pioneer technology captures and creates your frozen moment. After this, the frozen moment is printed, which takes 12 hours in itself. Lastly, we give the 3D Printed Statuette a resin bath, moisture and UV resistant coating for longevity.
The process takes a minimum of 3 weeks, and we are focused on finishing your 3D Printed Statuette as soon as possible.

Can you ship to my home address?

Yes! We ship worldwide. Prices within Ontario is charged at $10. Additional charges apply for shipping elsewhere in the world.

Can I have multiple prints of the same model?

Of course! We can print as many copies as you like. We offer a 40% discount off any additional twins, at any size!

Do you have changing facilities at the studio?

Yes! We have a designated changing room with 3 way large mirror for you to make sure you’re looking your best!

How can I pay?

You pay for your 3D Printed Statuette or Digital Hologram at our studio after your session. We accept credit, debit cards, and cash. Unfortunately, we don’t accept Amex.

What poses can I make?

You can pose in any way you like, as long as you are within range of all the cameras. If you have any specific poses in mind get in contact and we’ll do our best to make it work!

Can you remove spots, blemishes, bruises or change my size?

Yes! We offer in-house editing services. We can make small adjustments such as removing spots or changing body size. We can also change the colour of clothes or small objects. We usually charge $25 for additional editing. For advanced editing please contact us as we would have to change on a case by case basis.

Can I send in a photo instead of coming in person?

In short No! An artist created 3D Statuette will never be the exact person as in the photo. With our technology it’ll be you and your loved ones frozen in time as 3D Printed Statuette and Digital Hologram.

What are the 3D Printed Statuettes made of?

Finely powdered sandstone. They feel similar to a light rock. They are safe to put them on a cake, as a cake topper.

How fragile are the models?

They are fragile and don’t do well in the sun, or getting wet. The model uses the latest in 3D printing techniques to build the model, layer by layer. The material is a composite of sandstone that is laid down in full color in 0.1mm layers and then fused during the 3D printing process. Each model takes about 12 hours to build. Most breakage can be repaired with super glue.

How do I care for my model?

Each model is carefully crafted and should be regarded similar to a porcelain ornament and used for decorative purposes only. They are not be used as a toy or given to underage children. The material is hard and brittle and will break if dropped. In order to keep your model in the best possible condition, it is advised the model is not overly handled, ensuring the color is preserved for a prolonged period of time.
Each model should be kept in a warm, dry environment.
Exposure to temperatures below freezing may cause the model to discolor or whiten.
Prolonged periods of exposure to sunlight will cause the model to discolor over time. Do not store the models on window ledges or shelves in direct sunlight.
Statuettes are not waterproof! If you get water on them, it will cause the colors to bleed and can weaken the model.